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With Predictor Aviator, the Aviator casino game becomes simple and easy!
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Reliable predictions

Trained to predict reliable drop points, artificial intelligence behind Predictor Aviator is a marvel. She is able to make 95% reliable predictions. And all this for your greatest happiness. Chain the gains by following the predictions of the application and line your pockets.

Regular earnings

By following the predictions of Predictor Aviator, you ensure daily winnings of up to €1000. Wonderful! Nevertheless, there are certain limits not to be exceeded in order not to have problems with blocked accounts or any other problems. Please read the documentation carefully before you start using the application.

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Login - Registration

It is simple to use Predictor Aviator. All you have to do is create a user account and log in.

Screen Live Favorites

Once connected, select your favorite online gaming site from the list. Then wait a few seconds for the data to load.

To Start

The big moment is finally here! Click on Startt the algorithm starts then your prediction appears.


just click on Next each time. Do not forget ! There are limits, so don't be too greedy.


What is Predictor Aviator?

Predictor Aviator is a digital solution that allows you, today, to win regularly at the casino game, Aviator, available on your various online betting sites

How to get the Predictor Aviator app?

To have the Predictor application, it's simple. Just click on one of the Download links which will send you directly in private message to the sales department who will take care of you with kindness.

Is the Predictor Aviator app free?

We would like to make it accessible to everyone for 0€. But without partners to help us, it will be complicated. So at the moment, the Predictor is not free; It may be in the future.

On which bookmakers does the Predictor Aviator work?

For the moment, the Predictor Aviator works exclusively on ten bookmakers: 1xbet, 1win, Casinozer, Mostbet, Betwinner, PremierBet, Pin-Up, Betano, Bitcasino, Sportybet and MrXbet

Why should one buy the Predictor Aviator? Isn't this a new form of scam?

The Predictor is a solution that was developed to help us win, if only a little, at the casino game, Aviator. It is not an obligation for anyone. You have the choice to take it or not. And it's not a scam, because many have already trusted us and have never regretted it.


Are the predicted drop points reliable?

Yes. They are 95% reliable. The ideal way to maximize your earnings is to respect this formula: Always subtract from the drop point predicted by the application a decimal number between 0.50 and 0.90. By applying this formula, you maximize your chances of winning.

Are there any prediction limits?

Of course! You must not exceed the bar of 1,000€ per day. Otherwise you risk being banned from the system forever. Don't be too greedy.

I had a technical problem while using the application. How can I solve it?

Please contact Technical Support. It is the only body qualified to help you. Do not be afraid ! Explain the problem to Technical Support and your problem will be solved in two or three steps. At the slightest problem, contact them and you will be satisfied.

My account is valid for how long?

An account is valid for one month. Renewable as many times as you wish.

An account is valid for one month. Renewable as many times as you wish.?

It's impossible ! Identifiers are only authorized for one and only one account. A double connection on the same account automatically triggers the banning of the user.

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